Mutoh Eco-Solvent ValueJet - 628 Desktop Printer

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The Mutoh ValueJet-628 is an Eco-Sol printer offering the choice of two ink configurations as well as DropMaster technology. With a maximum media width of 630mm (24.8”) and built-in heaters, the printer supports two different combinations of up to six inks simultaneously, including 2 x CMYK or CMYK,  Lc, Lm, inks. The VJ-628 is best in class for endless creative possibilities.

The VJ-628 offers excellent value for print shops, startups, and design studios. Applications include printing vinyl, banners, stickers, specialty retail signage, and prototypes.

Print high quality 1440 dpi output for photographic results or create custom banners, indoor and outdoor signs, or custom labels and stickers for specialty, retail, industrial, or commercial applications. The broad capabilities of this printer are thanks to Mutoh’s innovative i² Intelligent Interweaving printing technology that produces impeccable prints every time by virtually eliminating banding.

For increased productivity on the ValueJet 628, there's also an optional take-up unit available, meaning you can run long print jobs while you’re doing other things. The printer has built-in heaters for crisp Eco-Solvent print quality and so dries the print job before it gets to the take-up unit.

The VJ-628 utilizes Mutoh’s exclusive DropMaster print automation technique, which assures the highest dot placement accuracy. It eliminates the need for regular bi-directional alignment adjustments that are the norm on competitor products.

Add a Graphtec CE7000-60 cutter to complete your workflow to allow you to print and cut jobs and create stickers and decals, giving you the best of both worlds: you can be printing while cutting at the same time - not one or the other. In fact, the VJ-628, coupled with the Graphtec CE7000-60 cutter, will allow you to print then cut a job before our nearest competitor can finish printing the job alone! 

The ValueJet 628 is a tabletop unit (as is the Graphtec CE7000-60 Cutter), so you can run the entire production from one bench in your studio. You don’t have to, of course, and that’s why we also offer an optional stand to free up precious bench space.

Learn more about i² Intelligent Interweaving

  • Up to 6 colors; CMYK, Lc, Lm
  • Small footprint, tabletop or use with optional stand
  • Variable Dot Technology
  • Equipped the new temperature-controlled heater (maximum setting: 45 degrees)
  • 2 steps head height (1.2mm or 2.5mm)
  • Equipped with the automatic cutting function
  • All-in-one CD for easy one-step installation
  • Optional take-up unit
  • 18-months Warranty


VJ-628 Specifications

  Model Name   VJ-628
  Print Technology   Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
  Print Head   1
  Head Heights   Low:1.2mm / High: 2.5mm
  Max. Media Width   630mm
  Max. Print Width   620mm
  Ink Type   Eco-solvent ink
  Ink Colors   KCMY-4 colors, KCMY, Lc, Lm- 6 colors
  Ink Volume   KCMY,Lc,Lm:220ml
  KCMY, Lc, Lm:1000ml bag (Need dedicated adapters)
  Print Resolutions   1440/1080/720dpi (12 modes as standard + 19 modes as custom**)
  Interface   Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
  Media Measurements   φ150mm/ 2" & 3" / 9kg or less
  Heater Control System   Platen-heater (45℃), OFF
  Power Supply   AC 100-120 V / AC 200-240 V - 60/50 Hz
  A-property Acoustic Power Level (Actual Measured Value)   58.5dB or less
  Printer Accuracy Guaranteed Environment   Temperature: 20~30℃ Humidity: 40~60%RH (Non-Condensing)
  Power Consumption   Operating Status: 830W or less, Power-off: 1W or less
  Machine Measurements    W 1190 x D 437.5 x H 365.6mm
  Packing Size   Printer: W 1331 x D 559 x H 476mm, Weight: 36kg
  Optional stand: W 755 x D 832 x H 235mm, Weight: 14kg 
  Printer Weight   Printer: 31.8kg Stand: 8.7kg (option)
  Option   VJ06‐TUP10(10kg)